Migrate your HVT tokens and receive VIBES!

We have begun our migration to Stacks and our new token VIBES is live on the Stacks Mainnet!

If you were a token holder of HVT on the EOS blockchain this is the place to get your new VIBES token at a 1:1 claim.
We ask you to read the disclaimer, watch the migration walkthrough video and then interact with the Migration Widget below to log into your EOS account and delegate a Stacks wallet address where you will receive your VIBES tokens.

If you weren't a holder of HVT on EOS, you can get your hands on some VIBES tokens at Stackswap.

Migration Portal


It is the responsibility of every token holder to ensure correct procedures are followed when transferring and or converting HVT tokens to VIBES tokens. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, neither HireVibes Services Ltd, HireVibes DAO, nor any, employee, officer, director, consultant, advisor, parent, subsidiary affiliate, servant or agent, past, present or future, thereof (“Released Parties”), assumes any liability or responsibility for any loss arising or related to the transfer and or conversion of HVT to VIBES tokens, or any technical, interruption or malfunction of, thereof.

Migration Walkthrough Video

More Information


How do I check if I have HVT on EOS?

Go to bloks.io and insert your EOS account name. Here you will be able to see your balance of EOS and EOS tokens.

I have an EOS account on Wombat or another EOS wallet provider, can I link those accounts to Migrate?

The Migration process is only available via Anchor Wallet and Scatter Wallet. To interact with the migration portal, you will need to download Anchor Wallet and insert your EOS account private keys so that your account is live in this wallet and you can claim the correct number of VIBES tokens as per your account.
NOTE: Nobody from the HireVibes team will ever ask for your private keys, keep your private keys private and do not share with anybody claiming to be from HireVibes.

I purchased HVT on Bancor, how do I access my tokens?

Bancor is no longer supporting EOS tokens. You should login and select EOS to access your private keys for that wallet. You will then need to insert this specific private key into Anchor Wallet to interact with the Migration Portal. Please contact Bancor for any login issues or any problems in accessing these private keys.

How long is the Migration Portal open for?

We currently have no end date for the Migration process. HVT is fully distributed and we want every VIBES token to be migrated. We will leave the migration portal up and running until further notice.

What will happen to the HVT token on EOS chain after the Migration process?

Once tokens are minted and ready to claim; the EOS token contract will be paused so that no EOS-HVT transactions can occur.

Stacks - ( VIBES )

How do I get a Stacks Wallet?

Find a list of Stacks Wallets here: https://www.stacks.co/explore/find-a-wallet
Once you have downloaded one of these wallets, follow the steps to setup your wallet. Be sure to secure your private key safely. You will then have generated an account with a Stacks (STX) Address which is required to receive Stacks and VIBES tokens. We will only ever ask for your Stacks Address to send you VIBES tokens. We, the HireVibes team, or anyone claiming to be from the HireVibes team, will never request your Private Key.

I have completed the Claim procedure, now what happens?

The transaction should be visible on the Stacks Explorer. Simply enter your Stacks address in the search bar to see all transactions on this address. Transactions may take some time to complete but should be marked as pending once enacted.

Where can I buy and sell VIBES tokens?

For now, VIBES tokens are onlyavailable to buy and sell on StackSwap

Where can I learn more about Stacks?

You can begin learning about Stacks here:
And learn more about the team building it here:

I have completed the Migration but my VIBES tokens have not appeared in my Stacks Wallet?

The VIBES tokens will take several hours to appear in your Stacks Wallet, and can take up to 24 hours (avg. time is 4-6 hrs).
*NOTE* some users have experienced delays, that delay the migration by up to 72 hours. If in any doubt, please contact us.

If it has been more than 72 hours since you successfully interacted with the widget please reach out to us at: hello@hirevibes.io or via our Telegram channel, with the transaction ID shared via the migration portal and or your EOS account name