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The demand for Web3 talent is rising faster than supply. Bitcoin and blockchain technology are helping us create a better world. HireVibes is creating a new standard for hiring to optimize talent acquisition & productivity in the Web3 era.

Showcase your employer brand by using a user-focused hiring platform to build world changing teams. Whether you're a growing technology company or a fledgling DAO; HireVibes has you covered.

Meaningful and rewarding

Give back to the world

Every successful hire creates a donation for a transparent charitable organisation. Whether that's a project planting trees or building water wells in Malawi like this one to the left, HireVibes users & employers create quantifiable positive impact at scale.

Rewards earned to date:


Total Rewards to Date


To the HireVibes DAO


To Transparent Charities


Plug HireVibes reward system into your careers page and integrate with leading Applicant Tracking Systems

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HireVibes plug-in job boards bring talent directly to you.

Take the manual work out of connecting your network

We deploy the job board on your website; jobs are updated or removed daily as job descriptions change, ensuring your jobs board is kept up to date automatically

Increase intro’s and referrals

Use our customizable reward system to add referral bounties and attract more talent to your network faster

Grow your business not your overheads

HireVibes allows you to operate sensitive data without the cost or liability of securing the data, saving you time and money
Currently helping the growth of Ecosystems such as:
Embed your own branded jobs board directly onto your website and avail of all of the benefits of the HireVibes referral engine.
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The central place for opportunities and talent in the growing world of Ordinals. Powered by HireVibes.

Currently helping the growth of Ecosystems such as:
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what they think

Positive user experiences across the globe đź’«

Within 2 weeks of posting the job on HireVibes, we received many applicants, interviewed 5 great people and hired one that was a perfect match for the role. Give it a go! The time we saved using HireVibes really benefited us and we found someone we are really happy with.



HireVibes is the best and most rewarding jobs platform out there. I found my ideal role with an awesome company using HireVibes, and I earned a 3% bonus in cryptocurrency and a 1% donation for a transparent charity during the process! I now recommend HireVibes to all my friends!



HireVibes Token ⚡VIBES⚡

HireVibes native utility token has a total supply of VIBES is 350 million tokens - which are all in circulation on Stacks, a Bitcoin layer2.

Trade VIBES today on leading decentralized exchanges: ALEX and Stackswap

VIBES Utilities

  • Paying hiring fees and referral bounties
  • Deploying HireVibes-powered jobs boards
  • Participate in DAO governance (coming soon)
  • Freelance smart contracts (coming soon)
  • Talent database access (coming soon)

Earn Rewards

Find yourself or your friends a dream job and earn rewards in the process. Share links on social media and earn every time someone clicks and lands on a new role.


Every time a hire is made, HireVibes community DAO earns tokens. Stake your VIBES tokens to participate in governance of HireVibes DAO Treasury (Details coming soon)


Trade HireVibes tokens instantly on NewDex or via the Wombat EOS Wallet. Other DEX and centralized exchange listings coming soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post job vacancies without paying?

Yes! Simply sign up as a hirer, upload job details, set a bounty reward and post the job for our community to see completely free of charge. The bounty reward only needs to be paid if and when a hire is made, providing a risk-free approach to recruiting.

Can I post freelance and voluntary jobs?

Soon, users will be able to post freelance and voluntary jobs on HireVibes. We're building smart contract powered infrastructure to enable hirers manage a remote workforce in a trustless environment.

What are VIBES Tokens and how can I use them?

The VIBES Token is the native token for the HireVibes platform. Users can earn rewards in VIBES by successfully applying or referring to a role on our site.
VIBES tokens will be used for governance in the HireVibes DAO, launching soon!

How is a bounty reward distributed?

When a hire is made, the reward is split as follows:
- 50% to the successful candidate (If referred: 25% to the candidate and 25% to the referrer)
- 33% to the HireVibes DAO
- 17% to a partner transparent Charity

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