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Below are some frequently asked questions about HireVibes. There's a lot to know, and we try to update the FAQ's frequently. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.


What is HireVibes?

HireVibes connects jobseekers, employers and recruiters on a new job search platform, currently migrating to the Stacks blockchain. HireVibes augments the hiring process by incentivising the crowd to source quality candidates, otherwise known as ‘crowdsourcing’. Each hirer is required to set a reward (minimum 3%). When a hire is made, this reward is split among the successful jobseeker; referral agents; the HireVibes Community; and a charity of the new hires’ choice - creating a positive experience for all parties involved.

What is the main goal of HireVibes?

We’re helping people find new opportunities, helping companies build great teams and giving back to the global community.

How is HireVibes different than other job search platforms?

HireVibes is empowering a world that values people over profits. We are the antithesis of the current, pervasive model of wealth accumulating at the top. That is why the HireVibes platform is becoming a decentralised, community driven platform.

Where can I find the HireVibes Roadmap?

Due to some exciting developments we will be releasing an updated roadmap in the near future. Our roadmap will be shared on our social channels and on this website once finalised.

HireVibes Reward System

What are HIreVibes rewards?

HireVibes rewards are the free crypto rewards on offer to referrers and applicants via the HireVibes App. They are set by companies listing jobs on HireVibes to incentivise crowdsourcing of their roles and these rewards are then distributed to relevant parties once a hire has been made.

As a company, do I have to pay for the rewards?

Currently on the HireVibes app, there is a minimum reward requirement of 3% (of job salary) to be set when listing a job. However, this is only payable when a hire is made on the HireVibes platform, which means that the HireVibes App is completely risk-free for companies. There is no cost to list a job, and you are able to avail of our crowdsourcing model to incentivise referrals and direct applications to your job. You can always increase the % fee to add further incentive and source even more of the best candidates.

How are the rewards distributed?

The rewards are distributed between:
- The successful candidate
- Their referrer (if any)
- The HireVibes Community
- A transparent charity

Rewards are distributed in 3 instalments, each 30 days apart, with the first instalment being 30 days after the successful applicants start date.

HireVibes Token (HVT)

What is the supply of HireVibes tokens?

Total Circulating Supply of HVT is 350,000,000

What are HireVibes Tokens and how can I use them?

THe HireVibes Token (HVT) is the native token for the HireVibes platform. Earn rewards in HVT by successfully applying or referring to a role on our site. You can also buy and sell the tokens on available exchanges.

Where can I buy HireVibes Tokens?

HireVibes tokens (HVT) can be purchased on . Tokens on Newdex can only be bought with EOS linked to an existing EOS account. For first time users we recommend using the Wombat App where you can create an EOS account, purchase EOS and access Newdex to purchase HVT all within the app.

Staking & Unstaking

Do I receive staking Rewards for Staking HVT via the Staking Page

At this moment, there are no staking rewards being distributed for staked HVT.

I staked my HVT a long time ago, what will happen to them?

Our staking page is still live here. If you log in you can see how many HVT are staked, and if you wish to unstake you can do so here also. You can also still restake your tokens, but there will be no rewards distributed for staking for now.

I unstaked my HVT tokens and can't see them in my EOS account?

Unstaking on the EOS platform takes a period of 72 hours for your tokens to be available in your account. After this time your HVT token balance shall be restored. You can check once you unstake to ensure the unstake was successful and the process has begun.

Giving Back

What charities does HireVibes partner with?

Wells for Zoë is our first charity partner; it is an Irish volunteer organization working in Northern Malawi since 2005. The organization’s main focus is giving the rural poor access to clean, safe drinking water. They manufacture a simple plastic hand pump in Mzuzu, a city in Northern Malawi, which is designed to be easy for village women to use and only costs €80 to make. This pump can supply up to 500 people with clean water for life. When a well is installed in a village with this hand pump, less time is spent transporting water from far distances - girls are able to return to school and women have time for other activities. People are no longer too sick to work; gardens are watered and more food is grown; health greatly improves and children grow up into a better quality of life. A simple well can break the cycle of poverty and change lives forever. For more on Wells for Zoë visit:

What is the process for new charities and non-profit organizations to be listed on HireVibes? 

HireVibes will have an open application process. This means that any non-profit organization that would like donations will be able to apply to be listed on the HireVibes Donation Portal. The HireVibes Foundation will perform due diligence on charity applications and provide data to the HireVibes DAC on the best (most viable and transparent) charities to vote on to be listed on HireVibes.

How will fraud be prevented in the Donation Portal?

To be listed as a donation recipient, all charities and non-profit organizations must provide an itemized list of goods and services to be purchased using the donation fund. Charities and non-profit organizations that do not comply will be removed from the Donation Portal. The HireVibes development team have been working on a ‘proof-of-donation’ feature to ensure this transparency.